Labor Safety

ESTAF EQUIPAMENTOS’ Labor Safety and Health Policy is based in one of its main values, which corresponds to promoting the permanent Safety and Health of employees and outsourced personnel involved in the institution’s activities. The company has the responsibility to provide its staff with an increasingly safer and healthier work environment, looking to prevent occupational pathologies and to bring down the number of on job accidents as well.


To ensure the Safety and the continuous improvement of processes related to the rental of machinery and equipment, we adopted as a minimal standard:

  • Meeting legal requirements associated with Labor Safety and Health which are applicable to our business;
  • Promote the continuous and effective improvement of preventional occupational health programs;
  • Prevent risks to the safety of our employees, third parties and service providers;
  • Appreciate and acknowledge employees, helping them develop, qualify themselves and advance their education;
  • Promoting and keeping a safe and healthy work environment as a result of the effort of everyone involved: directors, managers, supervisors, commissioned employees, professionals and assistants

Safety is a commitment of all involved.