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Social Responsibility


In 2010, Estaf began its process of Social Responsibility Management, which was supervised by a specialized consulting team.

This diagnosis is applied starting in 2010, adding to the continuous practice of company activities and projects related to the social responsibility theme.

Socially fair, economically viable and environmentally adequate: these are the three cornerstones to be considered in the company’s sustainability relations with its several audiences: clients, suppliers, personnel, the community, the environment, the government and society.

To help guide the relationship with these different audiences, in September 2011, the company began counting on a conduct and ethics code.

Having integrity as a central value, which will dictate how relations with clients, suppliers, competitors, stockholders, personnel, the community, the government and society should work.

Asserting compliance to Brazilian employment legislation, meeting all demands related to the rights and duties of staff members.

Proceed with no discrimination – of any nature, may it be race, gender, age, religion, geographic origin, sexual orientation, or disability – in the recruiting process for any of the job opportunities offered by the company, including the ones performed by third-party agency.

Also proceed with no discrimination in work relationships, acknowledging inclusion and diversity as value-generator forces for the company and promoting equality of opportunity.

Ban the admission of any professionals who share a first degree kinship with members of the company’s staff. Any level of kinship between employees in roles that involve subordination is also prohibited.

Ban the use of company information and resources for the benefit of employees or third parties if it doesn’t correspond to practices directly related to their activities and position at Estaf.

Respect the privacy of staff members when it comes to sensitive information kept under the responsibility of the Human Resources department, such as medical data.

Prohibit any kind of behavior that constitutes moral or sexual harassment, may it be a direct threat, abuse of power by way of insults, hostility or any other attitude that may invoke fear and harm an employee’s moral.

Prioritize the safety of employees, clients and other persons involved in the company’s activities and having a preventive culture as a basic principle to the completion of any task, may it be in an outside or inside environment.

Establish collective safety measures and provide individual protection equipment, established here as the company’s responsibility – the employee’s responsibility being: following the safety measures and scheduled trainings, as well as incorporating and practicing the Estaf Safety Policy.

Conduct dismissal processes by means of decisions based on evaluations of technical, psychological and behavioral competence so that impartialness is guaranteed when an employee is let go.

To not expose or represent people in a situation that may conjure prejudice, social discomfort, lack of respect or risk in any-and-all communication or advertisement distributed by the company – thus keeping compliance the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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